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Sweet and flavored strawberries grown with love in Moldova

Strawberries are widely grown fruits all over the world. Wishing to bring them as close as possible to our customers, we decided to set up a plantation of about 40 ha of strawberries, in the heart of Moldova, on the banks of the Prut River.

Young team of ambitious and passionate farmers work daily to bring fresh and delicious fruits on everyone’s table. The basic activity of the farmers is to produce high-quality strawberries that would meet the growing needs of consumers.

Due to the high-performance agricultural equipment, the modern irrigation system, the fruit precooling and cold storage equipment, but also the continuous investments in the development and modernization of agriculture, we can be proud of the results.

Our great team


Zinaida Plămădeală

Financial manager

Ludmila Vîntu


Dumitru Plămădeală


Alexandru Lozovan


Gheorghe Rusu


Ion Rusu


Ion Gaber


Constantin Popescu

Certifications and Diplomas:

Digital Agro-Cluster

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