"Digital Agro-Cluster" in the Ungheni region.

The Bacifer cluster is located in the Ungheni district (the production nucleus is in the villages of Sculeni and Petrești, while post-harvest investments are concentrated near the village of Petrești, where a mobile pre-cooling chamber with a capacity of 25 tons per cycle is located; a cooperative member’s refrigerator with a capacity of 1000 tons in Călărași, with two fruit pre-cooling tunnels, each with a capacity of 25 tons per cycle; a tunnel-type drying facility in Călărași with a capacity of 6000 kg per cycle).

The Bacifer cluster specializes in the production of soft fruits (especially strawberries), but it is also focused on diversifying fruit and berry production. The analysis of the soft fruit sector and the existing value chain actors in Ungheni district attests that this direction has shown dynamic development trends in the last 2-3 years (after the restoration of irrigation systems), which is beneficial and should be encouraged through coherent policies and economic incentives.


The most important actors in the berry sector in the Ungheni region have decided to establish the Bacifer Digital Agro-Cluster.


Challenges and development opportunities

The Bacifer cluster is currently in the formation stage and is establishing connections among the actors within the value chains. Particularly, there is noticeable interaction among the production level actors, where farmers require cooperation. Moreover, there is a fruitful collaboration with local public authorities, international projects (UNDP, USAID – APM, etc.), and experts/practitioners in the soft fruit sector.

Collaboration between companies

Cooperation and the establishment of operational producer groups will enable faster achievements in terms of export and market diversification.

Collaboration between companies and public authorities

The analysis of the collaboration between soft fruit producing companies and local public authorities/agencies shows a fruitful and efficient relationship.

Collaboration between companies and research-innovation-education institutions

The existing nucleus of the “Berries Group” is a specialized group focused solely on soft fruit production, applying modern and intensive technologies in partnership with innovative projects from Moldova and the academic environment.

Cluster's Products

Cluster members are positioned in the fresh soft fruit supply chain and have access to a mobile refrigerator that allows pre-cooling of 25 tons in one cycle.

Markets and Buyers

The members of the producer group and the core of the Bacifer cluster are focused on diversifying value chains and marketing soft fruits with added value. The core’s business model revolves around trading fresh soft fruits and diversifying production, particularly for frozen fruits, aiming to reduce sectorial risks.

Export has been the driving force behind the development of the Moldovan horticultural sector (including berry crops) in the past 15 years and remains a priority activity for sustainable sectoral growth.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in exports to the European Union, driven by the potential of consumption and market development in Europe.

The expansion strategy of the Digital Agro-Cluster includes the implementation of quality management and food safety standards within the producer group, implementing them both in production and throughout the processing stages across all value chains.

All these activities will contribute to and facilitate exports to the EU and the diversification of alternative markets.

Digital agrocluster

Vision and Development Objectives

The vision of the group is to foster clustering in the soft fruit sector through value chain diversification and enhancing the competitiveness of actors within the Ungheni region and the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Strategic Objective 1

Modernizing the cultivation technologies of soft fruits through research and innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the final production.

Strategic Objective 2

Diversifying value chains for the trade of soft fruits by creating added value and accessing new market opportunities.

Strategic Objective 3

Establishing commercial partnerships with potential customers/consumers of soft fruits, enabling direct contracting from the producers.

Festive Gala of the Ungheni District Competition "Businessman of the Year"

On June 23rd, the Ungheni District Council and local partners organized the Festive Gala of the “Businessman of the Year” district competition, aiming to award the winners and recognize the achievements of entrepreneurs in the Ungheni district throughout the year 2022.

The competition is an integral part of the national competition “Best Entrepreneur in the Small and Medium Enterprises Sector,” organized under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Economy, in collaboration with local public administration authorities.

The event commenced with congratulatory remarks from Mr. Ghenadi Mitriuc, the district president, and Mr. Sorin Badulescu, the Head of the Consular Office of Romania in Ungheni, Dorin Budeanu, the director of the Ungheni branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova – co-organizer of the event. They extended sincere congratulations to the winners, appreciated the significant contribution of the business environment to socio-economic development, and expressed openness to developing viable partnerships in this regard. Throughout the event, words of encouragement and praise were delivered by Iurie Vrabie, President of the Agricultural Producers Association UnCalNis, Ms. Natalia Iepuraș, Director of the Ungheni-Business Free Economic Zone, and Ms. Natalia Sălcuțan, representative of BC Moldova-Agroindbank.

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