Agricultural technique

In order to achieve a successful agricultural practice and to obtain good results, it is necessary an agricultural technique, which will increase the efficiency of the production processes.

We are constantly investing in the modernization of the agricultural machinery park and we are proud of our achievements.

Refrigeration equipment for precooling of fruits

For the cultivation of strawberries, the first hours after the harvest are essential for keeping the quality of the product, especially when it is necessary to bring the fruits to the optimal temperature corresponding to the transport, handling and marketing. That’s why we decided to build a mobile precooling chamber, located in the field, near the strawberry plantation. The cooling system consists of a network of specialized computers produced in Germany and Italy, which completely controls the refrigeration equipment. The basic technology uses 6 temperature sensors, where the computer, based on the obtained data, makes a special algorithm for dosing the amount of cold and air velocity in the room, to reduce the moisture loss of fruit. This system reduces the dehydration of the product by maintaining the humidity in the room of 93-95%, producing a jet of air with a minimum flow, to a minimum temperature difference between air and product (2℃ in cooling mode).

Sprinkler irrigation system

For the maintenance of multi-annual strawberry plantations and obtaining a rich harvest – water is the essential element. Taking into account the challenges we face in the production process, we have to use an efficient irrigation system, which would allow the use of as little water as possible, but with a high yield for plants and their ability to bear fruit. For these reasons, we decided to invest in a sprinkler irrigation system, which helps us a lot to streamline fruit growing processes.

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